April 28: Priti Lathia Art Demo

April 28 at 7:00 pm Click HERE

“Techniques to Start a Daily Journal Practice to Generate New Ideas for your Art”.

Priti Lathia will be our feature artist in the month of April on the 28th. Her demonstration will cover “Techniques to Start a Daily Journal Practice to Generate New Ideas for your Art”. This will be a mixed media workshop for approximately 1 hour.

Priti will demonstrate lots of techniques and explain why daily journaling is so important. Here are some of her thoughts: 

  • Regular sketching improves drawing skills and makes you more mindful and improves focus. 
  • Journaling gives you a place to explore ideas and promotes self-discovery so that your art is a more authentic version of you. It is a place to improve imagination and connect with your creative self. 
  • Travel journals are a record of your time away from home. It is also a place to explore new color combinations.
  • Journaling is not expensive and it is very forgiving, so the rule is simple – draw anything that inspires you daily for one month.

This talk is offered as a gift to our community by the Chelmsford Art Society. Please consider joining the CAS or supporting our scholarship work by going to https://chelmsfordartsociety.com/membership/

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