Jan. 24th: Troubled Waters

7:30 pm, Suggested donation $5 to benefit the CCA

Join us for the premiere screening of Troubled Waters by film maker
Dianne Sherratt-Steimel

Throughout the history of New England, the Merrimack River has played a vital role for the many communities that line it’s shores. In the 1800’s, it supplied power to the textile industry’s mill complexes that defined the Merrimack Valley. That industrial past set it up for the many challenges that we see today. The river, which provides drinking water for more than half a million people, is plagued by trash, untreated sewage and toxins that impact public health and recreational enjoyment of the river. Almost 50 years after the Clean Water Act we believed the days of abusing this essential resource were behind us. We were mistaken. The challenges remain and in recent years have even worsened in some respects.

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