May 26: “Petaling” into Summer

May 26 through June 3

The CCA is participating in the townwide outdoor exhibit, “Petaling” into Summer. Our entry will be created by Kate Crawford and Susan Gates from the Chelmsford Garden Club. Our theme is plein air painting.

The Chelmsford Garden Club invites everyone to “Petal into Summer” by decorating your bicycles and displaying them at your home or business. Over Memorial Day Weekend, the CGC will be placing decorated bicycles in public spaces around town. As the Chelmsford Garden Club begins to celebrate 100 years of beautifying the town with trees and flowers, they plan to “petal” into the summer with a cheerful display of decorated bikes. The bikes will be on display from Wednesday, May 26 through Thursday, June 3rd. Businesses are encouraged to decorate a bike and place it in front of their store. Families are invited to decorate a bike and display it in their front yard for their neighbors to enjoy. Scout troops could decorate a bike based on their summer outings. One family plans turn their bike into an airplane to celebrate the Air Force for Memorial Day. Everyone is invited to join in the fun. #petalingto100

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